Together We're Improving Life : Pamoja Tunaboresha Maisha
Entrepreneurship from the village up Bringing solar lighting to the village Designing products for the people

Reaching the Underserved

GCS aims to create impact for underserved populations that do not have financial or physical access to technology, particularly rural villagers. By providing access to affordable agricultural and energy products—technological stepping stones—GCS helps villagers help themselves move out of poverty. Read more in our About section.

Our Village Entrepreneur Network

Our products are brought to rural populations through a network of rural entrepreneurs we call Rafiki (“Friend” in Swahili), who purchase and sell GCS products in villages across Tanzania. Rafiki are hand-selected, community-recommended villagers who become part of our GCS family as entrepreneurs. Read more about our Rafiki Network.

Innovative Solutions

To meet the growing demands of its distribution network, GCS works with partners to develop new products in agriculture and energy that bridge the gap between traditional methods and expensive technology. Currently in development—multi-crop threshers, bicycle-powered maize sheller kits, and motorcycle-powered phone chargers.  Find out more about our products in our Product Portfolio.