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Maombi ya nafasi hizi za ajira siyo lazima yawe kwa lugha ya kiingereza.Ni vyema waombaji watumie lugha wanayoimudu vizuri kufikisha maombi yao hapo chini.

*** Candidates must be Tanzanian citizens

Regional Marketing Officer(RMO)

GCS is always looking for opportunities to grow and expand its brand in the market space.Working from Dar es Salaam the RMO spearheads GCS marketing efforts in the region and beyond.

Regional Sales Officer(RSO)

Located in Dar es Salaam he/she will be incharge of our GCS Sales operations in the region.Helping Rafiki’s reach their sales targets in his /her region is the general definition of this role.

Jaribio la Udahili
Rafiki Network
Within the GCS team is an army of people who sell door to door, at the weekly market or by personally networking. These team players are our Rafiki, which means friend in Kiswahili. Our Rafiki are the backbone of GCS and leaders amongst their communities.

Soma zaidi kukusu nafasi hii