Innovation is at heart of what we do.

Whether we are testing out the latest model of our products, doing market research, or developing our advertising we seek to tap into a novel way of approaching each challenge.  Developing our distributed network of micro-entrepreneurs to only sell the best products possible we are capturing the market for affordable, quality technology in the sectors of solar-lighting, home-phone and electronic accessory charging, and clean cookstoves.  As we expand our product lines, we aim to serve rural Tanzanians through building an entrepreneurial spirit.

Who we are

GCS (Global Cycle Solutions) started out as a small social enterprise by our founder Jodie Wu while she was studying at MIT.  More about our history can be found here. Since 2009 we have grown to employ more than 20 employees, partnerships with prominent actors in the development sector and with gender parity throughout the company.  As we strive to improve the lives of Tanzanians we are committed towards institutionalizing ethical and fair business practices at all levels.   We strive to provide only the best products, to create new opportunities for our customers and our employees and enable Tanzanians access to a better quality of life.

Together we’re improving life.

Pamoja tunaboresha maisha.