Global Cycle Solutions is a social enterprise working to develop and disseminate affordable, quality technology for villagers around the world. Our subsidiary, GCS Tanzania Limited, is building a distribution network of local entrepreneurs who teach, introduce, and sell high-impact technologies to villagers in the most remote of places.  As we work deep in the villages with a demand-driven model, we are able to better understand the needs of our customers.

Where there is a need and a solution, GCS Tanzania Limited brings that product to these villagers. Where there is a need and no solution, Global Cycle Solutions as an umbrella organization develops these technologies in close collaboration with villages, universities, and like-minded partners.  Some technologies in development, which are currently being re-designed for global distribution, include a bike-powered maize sheller, a bicycle phone-charger, and a drip irrigation kit.  You can read more about these products here.



In 2009, Global Cycle Solutions opened its offices in Tanzania under the name of GCS Tanzania Limited. The company began as a technology company, developing and selling bicycle add-ons to improve the lives of smallholder farmers. However, GCS soon realized that it was not enough to just sell products in stores. It had to go to the village. In the villages, GCS learned that there were more challenges than just the hardship of smallholder farming. Many villagers lacked basic luxuries like light at night and electricity to charge their phones.

And thus, in 2011, GCS Tanzania Limited shifted gears from just selling bicycle products to selling a portfolio of products to improve village life. Its focus became about empowerment–empowering promising youth with an opportunity to become GCS entrepreneurs, providing GCS product services in the deepest of villages and selling GCS products to create a ripple of impact at the village level. Today, it’s not only about transforming the bicycle into a vehicle of innovation, but it’s about improving village life with affordable, quality products.

Over the past two years, GCS has impacted the lives of over 20,000 families with the sale of its products.

Today, GCS grows to create a village ambassador network so that villagers throughout the country can have technology at their fingertips, whether as a service or as a product.  GCS already has trained over 100 entrepreneurs, building opportunities that not only economically empower individuals, but also improves the standard of life for the villagers we work with.

We are now working to make a public database so that you may see where we move in the field and the progress we’ve made.  Be on the lookout as we seek to translate the testimonials of our entrepreneurial customers who started turning profit after using our machine for just 3 weeks.